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Star-Flex Band Heaters

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Star-Flex Band Heaters by Hampton Controls

The Hampton Controls Star-Flex Band Heater is an extruded aluminum segmented band employing rugged refractory insulated tubular heating elements. The low expansion clamping band provides snug barrel fit and and assures excellent heat transfer through the entire operating temperature range up to maximum heater temperatures of 600°F.

This band heater enjoys wide acceptance because of extremely long and reliable life characteristics. Operators of plastic extruders and injection molders experience minimum down-time with the Star-Flex band. It is also one of the most efficient band heaters available.

Star-Flex Band Heaters

Some applications require both heating and cooling. With the advent of exothermic materials and heat generated by screw rotation, the proven Hampton Controls Star-Flex band heater was adapted to provide both heating and cooling functions.

Cooling tubes are placed in proximity to the heating elements to produce the Hampton Controls Star-Flex Heat/Cool band. Due to its low mass, it can be cooled relatively quickly.

Star-Flex Cool or Heat/Cool Bands​

Star-Flex Band Heaters

Heat and cool with the same element. Our special heat/cool band enables you to circulate the refrigerant of your choice through the capillary tubes around the heater.

Hampton Controls also manufactures cool only bands in a configuration similar in a configuration similar to the Heat/Cool band. It should be noted copper cooling tubes may be used for operating temperatures up to 350°F but temperatures above 350°F require the use of our stainless steel cooling tubes.

Installation of these bands is easily performed by opening the band, placing it around the cylinder and tightening a single screw. Large diameter bands are furnished with multiple clamping assemblies and multiple segments from grasping the surface.

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Star-Flex Band Heaters

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