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Fuji Recorders Frequently Asked Questions


Fuji Recorders Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I return inkheads for refill?

After removing the ink head from the recorder, wipe off any excess ink on the ink jets, and close the cap by turning the levered cap downwards to cover the ink jets. If this cap is left open when the ink head is not in the recorder, the ink may dry inside the ink jets, causing permanent damage. Tape the cap closed so that it does not open during shipping. Wrap each head individually in bubble wrap, or place in original bubble bag. Return to place of purchase for refill. Please note, in regards to refilled ink heads: As this is a used product, the manufacturer does not claim responsibility for performance, or lack thereof, of this product. However, if the refilled inkhead is used in accordance with the instructions as stated herein, it should provide trouble free performance similar to a new inkhead. If the inkhead is put into operation on a recorder within 25 days of the refilling date. If the inkhead is used in accordance with all precautions as to proper operation as outlined in the recorder manual and as stated in above instructions.

2. My new inkhead isn't printing. Is it defective?

It probably just needs to be squeezed until ink comes out. Also, make sure that the cover isn't closed on the inkhead. Directions are included with both new and refilled inkheads from the factory as shown below.

A. Remove protective tape as seen above.

B. Open the ink jet cover (cap) by turning the levered cap to the upwards position.

C. Hold the recording head with the ink jets pointing downwards. Squeeze the sides of the recording head hard near the back. This puts pressure on the ink sacs, which forces ink through the ink jets. As you are squeezing the sides of the recording head, wipe the excess ink off with the provided cloth. You should be able to see four colors (black, blue, red, and yellow). If all four colors are not visible, repeat this process until all four colors are present. If this does not work, you may need to squeeze the sides of the recording head harder.

D. Install ink head into recorder.

3. I'm using a Fuji PHA or PHC recorder for trend recording; can I have the PV list printed automatically at specific time intervals that I specify?

Yes. This undocumented feature must be programmed before the unit is shipped or changed in the field by consulting with one of TTI's engineers.

4. Is it possible to change my input type in the field on Fuji Recorders?

Yes, it is possible to change the input type on the PHA and PHC Fuji Electric Recorders in the field. The method is slightly different depending upon which recorder you have. Please refer to Section 5.3 in your manual for complete directions or select one of the following links to see how to change the input type: PHA, PHC

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