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Changing the Type of Input Signal on the PHA Recorder


Changing the Type of Input Signal on the PHA Recorder

Changing the Type of Input Signal on the PHA Recorder, if you have any questions not answered here please call Hampton Controls.

This recorder is a multi-input device which permits the input for any channel to be changed to thermocouple, RTD or DC voltage input. Follow the procedure described below to change the input type.

Step 1:

Turn off the power unit.

Step 2:

Open the front door and remove the main unit in the manner shown in the drawings below.

Step 2-1

Loosen the lock screws on the left and right side and remove them.

Step 2-2

Grip the paper feed frame and pull it firmly towards you. This detaches it from the main unit.

Step 2-3

Change the settings of the pins for individual channels on the internal printed circuit board.

Step 2-4

After completing the hardware, push the main unit back into it's original place and screw back into position.

Step 2-5

Change the input terminal wiring to make it correspond to the new input signal type. For DC current input, the input terminals with shunt resistors.

Step 2-6

Refer to section 7.8 in the manual and carry out the programming changes for each channel that has been modified.


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