October 28

Shallow Nozzle Thermocouples


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Standard Features

  • 1/4-28 N F thread
  • 24 ga. Fiberglass leads w/ SS braid
  • Spade lugs
  • Grounded construction

Shallow Nozzle Thermocouples

Shallow Nozzle Thermocouples

Available Options

  • M6 x 1 thread
  • M8 x 1.25 thread
  • 2 wire or 3 wire RTD
  • Type T
  • Polarized plug or jack
  • Mini plug or jack
  • Ungrounded construction
  • 20 ga. Lead wire
  • Additional lead lengths available
  • Custom orders welcome

See our Large Supply by clicking on the Stock List Tab above or Configure your Shallow Nozzle Thermocouples
by clicking on the Custom Design Tab above.

Contact Hampton Controls for more info: ​724-861-0150       

Please call for any special needs, in most cases, we are able to create a custom solution.     


Specialty OEM Style Thermocouples

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