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Coil Heaters

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Hampton Controls Viper Coil Heater Standard Feautres

Coil Heaters
Coil Heaters

Internal Type J and Type K thermocouples are available for precise temperature control.

.130 Square cross section is standard. Other cross sections available

Other lead arrangements are available as well.

  • Standard Coil Sizes
  • Lead Protection

Lead Protection Viper Coil Heaters

Four styles of lead protection are available. Stainless steel braid lead protection is standard.

The junction area for all lead styles should be kept below 500 F.

Coil Heaters

Stainless steel over-braid provides excellent protection while also remaining flexible.

Coil Heaters

Stainless steel flexible conduit provides outstanding protection.

Coil Heaters

Silicon rubber impregnated fiberglass sleeving for moisture resistance.

Coil Heaters

Teflon leads provide the most flexibility and can fit in tight places.

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Coil Heaters

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