Fuji Electric PHA Strip Chart Recorder

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Fuji Electric PHA Strip Chart Recorder

10 Ohm Precision Resistor

Part Number:  SHUNT 10


250 Ohm Precision Resistor

Shunt resistor for DC current imput

Part Number:   SHUNT 250 RoHS

$ 4.25

Replacement Lamp For PHA Illuminator

Part Number:    PHZL8001

$ 180.00

Fuji Electric PHZH1002 Universal Recorder Ink Head

Universal recorder ink head for the Fuji Electric PHA, PHC and PHE strip chart recorders. 

Part Number:    PHZH1002

$ 175.00

180mm Chart Paper for PHA Recorder

6 Packs of 180mm Chart paper for Fuji's PHA Strip Chart Recorder

Part Number: PEX00BL1-1000B

$ 100.00

See our Large Supply  or Configure your Fuji Electric PHA Strip Chart Recorder here.

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